Friday, July 10, 2020
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Liza Forero – Don’t Matter

I wrote this song waking up on a beautiful Miami day looking outside my bedroom window at the ocean and palm trees. Overwhelmed with the beauty around me, i picked up a pen and pencil and wrote Don’t Matter I had such a genuine smile on my face cuz maybe I wasn’t where I truly wanted to be in life at this point, but I was just so happy and fulfilled with all the great things around me. I just thought I’d write a feel good song about not dwelling on the past, not caring what people think of you, appreciating life and what it has to offer, and just being you! I combined that with a little street attitude and a trendy vibe we love to call “swag!” …Enjoy! Please comment below how you feel about the song & video… with love and peace, LiZi -my very FIRST VIDEO ahhhh!!!

Song: Don’t Matter
Artist: Liza Forero
Album: Don’t Matter
Label: Zab Music Group

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