Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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One of a kind stainless steel floating mansion has a price tag of $12 Million

Mansion Yachts

The first Cubic Yacht was created to provide a unique “Beach Front Mansion Yacht Experience” on your favorite beach but with the ability to move to another beach as desired. Ex. Winter-Biscayne Bay, Bahamas, Summer-New Port, Hamptons


VIP Business Yachts

Several versions of this all new class of Mansion Yacht have been designed for use as Mobile and Stationary Restaurant/Bars, Marinas, Clubhouses, and Event Boats. Explore through our digital renderings and see if there is design that fits your use.


VIP Yacht Services

Future operations for Mansion Yachts could include: Weekly or Monthly or Seasonal Vacation Charters, Event Charters for Onshore Events at Waterfront Docks, Annual or Multiyear Charters for Retail or Commercial uses, Sales Offices and Hotel Accommodations  for Waterfront Development Projects Boating Rendezvous’ and much more. Mansion Yachts is seeking interested parties to pursue these and/or other opportunities.

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