Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Misirlou – Les Fo’Plafonds

Cans, bottles, pipes, pans, … You are not in a center of recovery of used objects and materials but in front of the Fo’Plafonds scene.
They divert objects of everyday life from their main function to musical instruments.

These seven percussionists train you for over an hour in a street in Paris, rue Eugene Poubelle.
They have rhythm in their skin and an overflowing imagination. Just out of the stage with an accessory, they come back with another, just as unusual, always in time and in perfect synchronization.

The FP offers a complete show with a staging, rhythms, melodies, all with a lot of creativity and brilliance.
They define their musical genre as percussion metal groove grind coor percussion free jazz trend. In fact, they do not know.

They had the chance to share the poster with bands such as: Hyphen Hyphen, Léa Paci, Three gourmet coffees, Pigalle, Sergent Garcia, Sinsemilia, Nach, Blankass, The Menhirs Sweepers, used song and good of other…

A daring but grandiose show that proves that originality has its place in musical culture.

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