Friday, January 28, 2022
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The U.S government views TikTok as a cyber threat and may ban the app

Started on August 2nd 2018, the social media platform, Tiktok took the world by storm. But before Tiktok was an app, millions used an app known as “”. With many of the same features of Tiktok, was launched in August of 2014 and mainly featured videos of people lip-syncing to audio. The app was later bought by the Chinese company “ByteDance” and transformed into Tiktok. The app immediately caught traction mostly from people transitioning platforms from to Tiktok. As of November 2019, Tiktok had more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. But why will one of the most successful apps be shutting down soon?

U.S Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has stated the government is looking into banning Tiktok, as well as other Chinese apps for the safety of cyberattacks. An Army Spokesperson revealed that on government-issued phones, Tiktok is not allowed to be installed due to a cyberthreat. This is not the first time for Tiktok to be banned like this, earlier last week Amazon sent an email out to all of its employees to delete Tiktok in unspecified “security risk”.

India has already gone on to ban Tiktok and make their own app known as Roposo. Shortly after the ban of Tiktok, Roposo immediately went #1 on the Google Play and App Store and now sits at 65 million downloads.

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