Friday, January 28, 2022
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Famous Actor, Comedian, Rapper, and Television Host has lost his 20-year relationship with Viacom

Earlier this week on Nick Cannon’s Podcast “Cannon’s Class”, he addressed several topics with his special guest “Professor Griff” who is a former member of the rap group “Public Enemy”. During the podcast, Cannon said a few “controversial” remarks regarding White and Jewish people, calling them “a little less” and “true savages”.

The Podcast has officially been taken down and is unavailable on Youtube due to “Hate Speech”

Cannon instantly began trending on Twitter with few trying to “cancel” him, even going to the extent of sending death threats. But many are very supportive and are willing to boycott MTV for Nick Cannon, starting the hashtag #IStandWithNickCannon

Nick is now in the process of trying to gain full ownership of his show Wild N Out. Created in 2005 Wild N Out features a variety of celebrities going on rapping against each other and making skits. In a note Cannon wrote about the situation, he went on to accuse Viacom of being blinded and deceptive. Claiming they stole his show that he had “self-financed” out of his own pocket. 

Wild N Out is now a billion-dollar brand and if Nick manages to obtain full ownership of the show, where will he go?

Diddy has come out to show full support for Nick and offered him a place on Revolt TV(a network founded by Diddy) on an Instagram post earlier today.

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