Friday, January 28, 2022
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Hip-Hop’s Super Villain, MF DOOM reported dead at 49

Known for his impossible rhyme scheme and his signature mask, the rapper’s death was reported yesterday on the 31st, but actually passed 2 months prior. 

Daniel Dumile, professionally known as MF DOOM was born in London in 1971. Dumile and his family shortly moved to Long Island NY where he would first start his career in Hip-hop. Performing under the name Zev Love X, as a teenager Dumile was a part of the Hip-hop group KMD which was started with his younger brother who went under the name of Dj Subroc. The group would go on to release their well received debut- Mr. Hood, but during the production of their second project, Dj Subroc would tragically pass away in a car accident in 1993.

Dumile would disappear from the Hip-hop scene, and reappear years later under the alias MF DOOM. In 1999 DOOM would go on to release Operation: Doomsday and would create one of the most unique discography in rap 

In an Instagram post, posted yesterday under MF DOOM’s account, the late rapper’s wife Jasmine, paid homage and let the fans know of the passing of her husband.  

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