Friday, February 3, 2023
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By Josh Gane

It is hard to believe that just a few short years after the NFL’s controversy surrounding players kneeling in protest (during the national anthem) that the world would watch Snoop Dogg freely Crip walk across the Super Bowl halftime stage. But apparently JAY-Z’s voice is very well respected throughout the halls of the NFL establishment, and his words were crucial in making this years performance come to fruition.

Though JAY is known to advise the behemoth corporation on things like choosing artists for the Super Bowl halftime show, just how much power he actually wielded was anyone’s guess, until now.

In a recent interview with TIDAL, Snoop Dogg revealed that JAY-Z told the NFL that either they take his advice and allow Dr. Dre and company to perform, or he would quit working for them.

“We love each other. Like, not secretly, like publicly, we love each other,” Snoop began. “It is what it is, so it’s like for him to go to bat for us and tell the NFL, ‘F*ck that. They perform or I quit,’ that was the most gangster sh*t of everything. Then with attire and kneeling and all this…you can’t wear your gang bang sh*t? JAY-Z hit me like, ‘Wear what the f*ck you want to wear. Peace to the Gods.’”

As far as anyone knows, JAY-Z is still comfortably employed by the NFL despite the gang-related dance moves and lyrics about “still not loving police,” during the show. Hip-hop fans will look forward to what JAY has up his sleeve in years to come.

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